Top 10 Solar Celebrities

When compiling our list of the most powerful celebrity voices for solar and sustainable living, we realized how important these people are to promoting solar as a major source of energy in our daily lives.

As a whole, the solar industry is still living in a small universe dominated by conversations amongst each other about the political, economic, and beurocratic hurdles that are delaying the inevitable massive scale adoption of solar in the United States. These “solar superstars” are the key to reaching millions of individual consumers – homeowners, small business owners, commercial real-estate owners… who can migrate much of their energy usage to solar right now, and immediately reap the benefit of lower electric bills and increased property value from day one with no up-front cost.

The time for business owners and home owners to go solar is right now. The incentives are high because the government understands that we need this technology to remain a global economic leader. Yet, the installed cost of solar before the incentives has fallen to less than half what they were just one year ago. Add to that a host of very attractive financing and leasing options, and you get to go solar at absolutely no cost up front, and you start saving on your bills immediately.

Celebrities like these are the best voice for solar on Main St. So make sure you see their movies, buy their albums, and watch their programs. You’ll look pretty cool when you tell your friends about the great work they’re doing to promote solar and stimulate the economy!

  1. Melissa Baker, Supermodel, Actress
    Melissa Baker is most well recognized for her spread in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, but beyond her physical beauty she is a dedicated proponent of clean energy and particularly solar. Of course, we love Melissa for her work with at Solar Power International 2009, where she hosted our video interviews with solar business leaders from Sharp, 3M, and Sungevity. Watch Melissa Baker’s interview videos with SVO, and her video profile with 2010 SI Swimsuit cover model Brooklyn Decker.
  2. Edward Norton, Actor
    The 2 time Oscar nominated star of movies as wide ranging as “Fight Club” and “Pride and Glory” and more recently “The Invention of Lying” with Ricky Gervais, still makes time to promote what’s really important – clean renewable energy. Norton, developed the Solar Neighbors Program, which brings PV solar panels to low-income communities in Southern California. Raising awareness in the local community and reducing the strain on California’s energy infrastructure (and budget) in the process. He lives in a solar home as well.
  3. Brad Pitt, Actor
    Along with his wife Angelina Jolie, Pitt has become a major force against all that’s wrong with the world. Most importantly, he puts his money where his mouth is. His “Make it Right Foundation,” has built over 150 homes with rooftop solar in New Orleans 9th Ward. And that’s only a fraction of the work he’s done.
  4. Woody Harrelson, Actor
    Having become a powerhouse in Hollywood as one of the stars of the iconic “Cheers” and movies like “White Men Can’t Jump” with Wesley Snipes and “Indecent Proposal” with Demi Moore, and the recent “Zombieland“. He’s also well known for living “off the grid” (read: getting high and climbing trees). His home in Hawaii runs on 100% solar power.
  5. Alicia Silverstone, Actress
    Aside from her well known work with PETA, Silverstone is also interested in topics like renewable energy and sustainable food supply and living. Her home in her home in Los Angeles is solar powered of course. Grab a copy of her awesome all-vegan (but you’d never know it) cookbook.
  6. Anthony Kiedis, Musician
    Front man and voice of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kiedis is a member of the Surfrider Foundation, which is dedicated to ocean and beach preservation, and has installed solar panels on his California house.
  7. Don Cheadle, Actor
    As an avid proponent of advancing clean energy and many other charitable causes, Cheadle volunteers plenty of time to getting the word out through Public Service Announcements and appearances to raise awareness  about global warming and the need to reduce GHG emissions.  His work won him the Summit Peace Award in 2007.
  8. Will Ferrell, Actor
    Funny man Ferrell takes the environment seriously: he’s recently built an eco-friendly home complete with solar panels, and has helped spread the word about the importance of energy efficiency and renewable energy around the US and the world.
  9. Robin Williams, Actor
    With over 60 bicycles, Williams is an avid cyclist and a proud owner of a solar home. He’s funny as all heck too.
  10. Carlos Santana, Musician
    Santana and his wife started the Home of the Milagro Foundation for disadvantaged youth and has recently outfitted their home in the Bay Area with solar panels.

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